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End-to-End Strategic, Seamless and Sustainable Marketing Services

Our goal is to quantifiably increase your revenue within the shortest possible time.


Challenges Marketing & Sales Reps face

Prospecting Good Leads

More than 40% of salespeople say prospecting is the most challenging part of the sales process, followed by closing (36%) and qualifying (22%).

The top prospecting challenges faced by most companies can be broadly grouped into:

  1. Lack of motivation - If your sellers aren’t motivated, results will suffer
  2. Poor targeting - Not targeting the right audience
  3. Insufficient outreach - Giving Up Too Early or Not following up enough
  4. Lack of research and customization - Buyers hate uncustomized spam!

To Get and Keep Your Prospects’ Attention

It takes an average of 18 calls to actually connect with a buyer.

Marketers & Sales reps today have a lot on their plate, from starting conversations with complete strangers to completing sales. They have to deal with the shifting consumer sentiment as consumers become more resistant to the traditional sales message. Even with all the technological enablement, it is getting increasingly hard to communicate with people today. In this increasingly competitive environment, it’s a continuous search of what works for them and their client, and what does not.

Time crunch

But, how much time should your sales team spend prospecting?

Nearly two-thirds (64.8%) of reps’ time, on average, is spent on non-revenue-generating activities, leaving only 35.2% for functions related to selling. Field reps are somewhat ahead, spending 3.1% more time selling than their inside sales counterparts.

Several recent studies have shown that today’s salespeople are spending the majority of their time on activities other than sales. This includes time spent on administrative tasks and sales technology.

Access to Tools and Platforms

We are currently living in the digital age, and this entails that marketing technology has the upper hand in terms of marketing enablement and providing a competitive advantage.

Many of our interactions with customers now happen in the digital world. We’re no longer just listening to words with our ears. Instead, we’re listening to data with our marketing technology.

Search Engines, Social media, and mobile devices have created a world where businesses are communicating with their customers 24/7. There is an abundance of tools to monitor, analyze and understand the pulse of target customers and competitors. However, it is expensive and time-consuming for companies to invest in these tools and train their front-line employees to use these tools, effectively

Competing in dynamic, global markets

Most businesses constantly face the challenge of identifying market segments that provide the highest ROI. To determine market segments that can be targeted effectively and profitably. Along with this comes the challenge of serving fast-growing and unpredictable emerging markets. If there is one major challenge that the marketing industry is facing now, it is evidently finding the balance between traditional marketing techniques and the present trends.

Most marketers feel compelled to adjust accordingly to every small move consumers make, when in fact, you might be surprised that this is actually the least of their concern. Looking at the bigger picture, if there is one consistent consumer and client need, it is for their hard-given trust not to be broken.

Outsourcing Benefits

It may be tempting to keep things in-house, but that’s a slow process, and it’s often not worth the time or money over the long-term, especially for companies outside of the Fortune 100.

Depending on your situation, you might need to accelerate your marketing right now. Outsourcing strategic marketing to agencies is a common practice that is favored in the business world. In a nutshell, it is the process of hiring an outside party to be in charge of specific tasks instead of recruiting employees that are fit for the job.

Outsourcing is usually being adopted by businesses to lower costs and for work to be done correctly. Here are some reasons why outsourcing might be exactly what you need.

An access to the experts

One of the recurring reasons why businesses outsource is due to the need for wide-ranging skillsets. When you work with us, you are actually allowing your company to experience an uncompromised service, as well as an excellent performing one.

If you are ever in need of additional marketing expertise like customer service script writing, prospecting, appointment setting, PR services, etc. leveraging a shared service agency will be your best bet. This is simply because companies like iConcept Contact Solutions are more likely to have these supplementary sources and resources than in-house marketers.

Lighter workload

A shared services delivery model is a crucial lever to improving both effectiveness and efficiency. Scalable services that are transactional and repetitive can be outsourced or consolidated in a low-cost market.

Outsourcing to us means that you are giving us a share of the workload of your employees. Doing this will free up resources to concentrate on capacity building and other higher-value projects, significantly increasing the potential for top-line revenue growth.

Cost Reductions

It is a given that business will save costs regarding operations, but also keep in mind the other aspects where you can avoid further expenses and benefit from outsourcing. Say, your business is growing and physically expanding—this means you are also running out of office space. When this occurs, you have a choice to buy more office space which also means purchasing additional operational equipment.

You also have another choice. That is to outsource marketing and not have to think about expanding your physical space and spending on computers, desks, and even human resources. If done right, this can be a far more effective solution to attract new clients and reduce expenses.

Increased flexibility

This is one of the primary reasons why businesses choose to work with us since some of them are also dealing with clients from different parts of the world but can barely accommodate them. With our capabilities to deal with different time zones and offer services 24/7, we help expand the reach of your own business.

Also, It provides the flexibility to handle a varied number of calls at any given time. You are no longer limited by your local hours of operation, no. of sales reps and the volume of calls.

Working with an outsourcing provider like iConcept Contact Solutions will give you access to a wide range of services like sales, live transfer, scheduling, inbound and outbound. Should you ever need it, you can easily access all of them without having to deal with multiple providers.

Customer Profiling

Brands have been collecting data on customers and prospects for as long as they’ve been marketing to them. Customer profiling is invaluable in developing differentiated products and services.

What is Customer Profiling?

Consumers today are very demanding and at the same time, very reflective about the products and services that they avail. Because of the convenience the present world has to offer, their expectations have increased.

The variety of consumers are also expanding day by day, that is why there is a need to categorize them into groups according to their similarities and differences in terms of interests and behavioral traits.

Customer Profiling is a marketing technique practiced by most businesses to learn more about their customers and to push for positive business choices. According to Harper Collins Publishers, “it is a description or analysis of a typical or ideal customer for one’s business.” Customer profiling yields outputs that provide customer descriptions based on different qualities. These are usually classified into demography, geography, psychographic, and online behavior.

The necessity of Customer Profiling

Customer profiling will assist you in understanding your clients, featuring their identity, what they resemble, their interests and needs. The knowledge that you will get from this marketing technique will assist you in recognizing your client's attributes, conduct, and characteristics. Having a superior comprehension of your clients, you will be able to comprehend what their priorities are and will have the capacity to connect with them while speaking.

What we can offer

iConcept Contact Solutions can provide customer profiling methodologies that are fit for your business. Our team is trained to analyze data quickly and meticulously, and presenting conclusions regarding your company to come up with optimal solutions is second nature to us. Our team is composed of individuals that are natural team players, handling your present and potential customers will be a breeze and at the same time, meaningful.

Socially active, always on the lookout

This kind of service calls for a group of individuals who can handle various data, and at the same time, know what to do with them. There are a lot of potential customers available in different platforms, and they can only be identified if a group of experts is always on the lookout— At iConcept Contact Solutions, a simple Instagram post filled with hashtags by a social media influencer can be a possible customer for your business.

Knowledgeable with AI

The influence of Artificial Intelligence has helped marketers analyze and access different types of demographics suited for their business. Because of AI, it has been easier to recognize what consumers are interested in through their day to day internet consumption and behavior. Our team is knowledgeable enough with AI tools, and we can use this to further contribute to the benefit of your business’ marketing gimmicks.

Quick analysis

Our team is efficient enough to gain a quick understanding based on the findings that we have acquired in the process of customer profiling for your business. You can trust us when we say that we can provide you with a thorough analysis, given a short amount of time. There are multiple data to process, and various data to analyze which can benefit your business, that is why we have teams that are ready 24/7 to study these for you, and you can expect excellent analysis.

We bond with your customers

A successful transaction with customers is a vital aspect of one’s business, but it is also another thing to create a bond with them. We at iConcept Contact Solutions make it to a point to always have a generous amount of positive disposition when working, primarily when we handle our clients’ customers. We will never impose on your customers, but we will give them a reason to always turn to your business.

Campaign Design

Marketing campaigns are the perfect way to reach your customers, clients, and leads. Campaign design helps you speak to your prospects in a memorable way, and it stands the best chance of getting your campaign noticed and secure more meetings with customers or prospects.

A common mistake being done by most businesses and companies is not having a clear goal in terms of campaign designs. This is understandable with most startups since their main focus is purely on operations, hence, campaign design is often overlooked. It is true that there are a lot of available resources online, but they are usually incomprehensive and repetitive. Not to mention, marketing tactics like campaign design are frequently looked down on and is being stereotyped as an easy task.

The typical flaw that we see in companies is that they don’t take their content moderation seriously or at least not give it much attention, that’s why it results to a low engagement number. When you have a low engagement number, a slump will definitely occur in terms of business sales.

With iConcept Contact Solutions’ rapid growth in just a span of three years, we have come to realize the importance of every aspect in the business industry – no department is more important than the other. All should be treated equally because they all contribute to the company’s good welfare. At ICCS, marketing endeavors like campaign design is given a priority.

Branding is not everything – this is what most technicians and engineers would say, coming from an operational perspective. Creatives will most likely counter-argue this statement, saying that branding is the first impression that you leave to potential customers, therefore, it should be given much attention by businesses. iConcept Contact Solutions agrees with this, that’s why we have prepared a wide pool of experts ready to help you sort out campaign designs for your business.

Online Marketing: COMPETENT

In the online world, we are aware that we are dealing with multiple types of information, and we do know that it takes a lot of work to be noticed by potential leads and customers, since these days, everyone is dealing with ways to be on top of pages. This is something you should not worry about when you start working with us. Our team is full of SEO experts that can help you make your way to the top.

Web design: ENGAGING

A lot of businesses overlook the importance of website maintenance. What usually happens is that, once the website is up and running, it’s not given as much attention, hence, it is not regularly updated by the assigned web developer. This should not be the case because your website is your business’ main source of branding and information, and if you present yourself as such, the first impression you’re giving is already unsatisfactory. If you decide to work with us, we can guarantee you our full attention to the important and littlest details.

Graphic design: INFORMATIVE

Graphic design covers multiple areas in a business, and one of its primary agenda is a company’s identity design. If you sit down with us and tell us what your company is mainly about, and what your goals are, we can generate the perfect visual branding for you. Besides your business identity, we can also help in adding engagement level by working with our content creators. We can insert visually pleasing graphics to the content created to garner more positive results.


It is a fact known to many that there’s a multiple amount of content available for Internet users to maximize. They’re accessible, and some are really informative. However, are they competent enough to earn potential customers and traffic? At iConcept Contact Solutions, not only do we provide all forms of content according to your business needs that produces the results that you deserve, but also, we produce enriching and informative ones. May it be in long and short form, copywriting, attention getting content, email marketing, SEO, and social media advertising. Whatever content it is that you need, we are here to provide them.

Data Mining & Cleansing

When you have the task of managing data, keeping on top of consistency and accuracy are two underlying jobs you have to deal with everyday.

In today’s digital setup, data is power. We acquire data just by scrolling mindlessly through our Facebook newsfeed. We receive data when we ask Google for directions, and we acquire data when we watch a music video on Youtube. Imagine the billions of people who do the same thing as you do, every day.

A recent study estimated that every minute, Google receives over 2 million queries, e-mail users send over 200 million messages, YouTube users upload 48 hours of video, Facebook users share over 680,000 pieces of content, and Twitter users generate 100,000 tweets. Besides, media sharing sites, stock trading sites and news sources continually pile up more new data throughout the day. (Big Data)

Businesses have continuously made these types of data to their advantage through a process called Data Mining. With data mining, you make use of patterns and relations in large data sets to get possible business outcomes. Given a vast pool of skills, one can use the data acquired to improve many aspects in your business.

However, despite the access to data and rise in processing technology, we’ve seen that it’s a typical pattern for firms being unable to use data mining to its fullest potential. We want to help fix this imbalance and lead you to the right path through our customized data mining solutions.

Versatile sources, versatile service

When it comes to customer behavior, it is vital to let go of bias and explore other areas to gather information. Of course, there is a necessity in reaching out to significant customers, but the same is true with less significant customers who have the potential of being influenced. We can find the balance between over and under representation so we don’t overlook essential data that may help in improving your business.

Data ensured

Infinite data does not necessarily mean necessary data. We can determine the differences between the information we gather and apply it realistically to the needs of your business. We can assure you that the assigned team of researchers to your business are attentive enough to distribute the data that will suit and help your business.

Systematic processing

Data mining, in general, can be very chaotic. If not handled in an organized and systematic manner, it may not result in anything fruitful. Our team is keen to every detail, and we can assure you a smooth-sailing exchange of processes.

Value for knowledge, meaningful insights

We understand that data is complex and how it cannot be understood at first glance. At iConcept Contact Solutions, we can break everything down for you to make it easy to understand. We want to establish clear communication and proper translation. If you work with us, gathered knowledge and data is shared and broken down into something that is easy to understand.

Top notch and Innovative

As mentioned earlier, AI or Artificial Intelligence is being used by most businesses to gain data. We also make do of AI, but what sets us apart is that we make sure that we do not bother customers, because timing should also be playing a role when it comes to maximizing AI. We value the privacy of our potential customers, and we want to make sure that we don’t drive them away. Not only is our service top notch and innovative, but we also value potential customers’ time and privacy.


At iConcept Contact Solutions, we make sure to find the balance between ideas and execution. You can have the best ideas and the best research team, but still not be able to execute it due to analytics and suggested outputs being unrealistic. We make sure that we test and update models before anything else.


We reach out early in the buying process to influence the decision criteria and develop trust with the prospect before your competitors.

To have a successful process of prospecting, one must first have a clear definition of what it is. Through the years, prospecting has gotten the stereotypical notion that it’s the same as networking—and it’s not foreign to many that networking has been put in a bad light due to its manipulative nature w.r.t sales.

Here’s the thing—prospecting is nothing close to networking. However, they are not entirely different. One has to understand that prospecting is a serious business process that goes beyond rubbing elbows with a potential customer.

Salespeople acquire new clients, and to do so, they necessarily cultivate relationships. Prospecting is the art of opening new relationships. Here in iConcept Contact Solutions, we are proud to say that one of our greatest forte is starting and maintaining relationships with anyone we come across with.

Our team is made up of talented sales representatives that can turn present and potential customers to a relationship that will last for a long while. We can take care of your business relationships while you sit back, relax, and watch a great turn on positive outcomes.

Consistent prospects

The primary motivation for gaining strong prospects is putting your motivation towards acquiring better results. We at iConcept Contact Solutions push boundaries, and we do not just stop at reaching quotas – we go beyond them. We work hard because we want what’s best for you. If we stop making an effort after we reach your required quota, then we haven’t done our job at all. We thrive to achieve greater heights together.

Eloquent scripts

When it comes to prospecting, you will always be pressed for time and numbers. That is why at iConcept Contact Solutions, we are always prepared to customize scripts for your business prospect calls. Our team is knowledgeable enough in creating call scripts that will be effective, as well as executing them. We also make sure that we regularly update these scripts with you, so the calls being executed do not sound monotonous and unattractively unengaging.


Once you agree to partner with us, first things first, we want to hear everything that we should know about your business. We want to know you and your goals, and we want to help you achieve them. Once you disclose the necessary information that you can with our team, we can assure you that we will use them to your business’ most significant advantage.

Warm emails, warm calls

No business can completely turn away from traditional sales methods. We got to admit that it still works – if and only if done correctly. We can turn these conventional sales methods to something completely innovative. If you work with us, you do not have to worry about your customers getting annoying cold calls and cold emails – we can maximize them and turn them into something that they will hopefully entertain, and earn your business sales and loyalty.

Outcome oriented

A common mistake that most salespeople make is that they are too preoccupied during the prospecting process, to the point that they start to forget the main reason why they are prospecting in the first place. Our sales representatives understand that prospecting must be outcome-based and that it should not stop as merely having a good performance during a call. A successful outcome is what makes a good prospect process.

Value in every aspect possible

During a prospect call, we understand that it is no time to hard sell and pitch success stories to a potential customer, but rather, it is an opportunity for us to tell the person on the other line why your business’ products and services will be of value to their daily life. Rest assured that we will treat your business with high value, as much as we make sure that it will be treated the same by your customers.

Demand Generation

The buyer’s journey is not like it once was. The customer is now in charge of the buying process, and demand generation ensures that marketing efforts are fluid, relevant, and influential. It's an ongoing process that interlaces with every stage of the buyer’s journey.

Many new businesses and startups have admitted that one of the most challenging aspects of their marketing strategies is the Demand generation, in fact, according to a recent survey, lead generation is a key pain point for 60% of marketers, and it’s unlikely to change for another couple of years. But why this is so?

One common mistake that most marketers do is to force themselves upon potential clients, instead of focusing on being found. What matters today in marketing is to be findable when people are looking. Of course, this means being everywhere they might be when they start searching.

When it comes to sales, having a sense of urgency to gather sales and exchange successful deals with customers is common. But, to achieve this, there has to be some dirty work to be done, which in this case is the demand generation.

Demand generation falls under the same umbrella as lead generation, although the former is more specialized. Its process is ongoing and ultimately comprehensive, to the point that it covers numerous phases in marketing endeavors.

It specializes in studying different types of audiences that are fit for a particular branding. Accomplished through another process of qualifying prospective customers by maximizing inbound marketing, before giving it to the team who will make use of these leads to gain potential customers.

Demand Generation is very much in touch with sales analysis and cycles even more than the sales department. It focuses on funneling marketing tactics to gain a specified list of leads that will then be handed over to a competent team of sales agents.

At iConcept Contact Solutions we can provide you with top-notch solutions that will fit your business needs.

Choose from our variety of services

Whether its social media marketing, creating content, direct calls, and email campaigns, we can help you reach your target audiences through different types of methods. It’s a must to consider the preferences of potential customers since it’s different for everyone.

We’ll help you know your audience

Once we get to know you, we’ll then strive to get to know your audience as well. This is a vital step in demand generation and precisely what the service calls for.

Quality content

Content creation is one of the active elements when it comes to inbound marketing. If you decide to partner with us, we can assure you that we can represent your business through quality content that can engage traffic as well as potential customers.

Creative and innovative ideas

Working for a business’ demand generation means never having to run out of ways to earn leads. At iConcept Contact Solutions, we do not limit ourselves to generic demand generation methodologies. We go beyond the norm.

Quality leads

We make sure that everything is done to qualify the leads before passing it on to our sales team who will execute them. We filter every possible lead that suits only your business, to guarantee assurance to our team, and most especially to you, our potential client.

We will help you build your presence

One of the top service that iConcept Contact Solutions can offer your business is our focus towards building your image. We understand its importance to your company’s growth, and we have experience having to make our presence felt. We’ve been through it, and we can help you go through it to our variety of services.


In businesses, it’s a typical case to have marketing and sales clash regarding important business decisions. If you decide to work with us, we can show you how our sales and marketing team can work harmoniously to achieve your company’s demand generation goals.

Engagement Strategy

One of the most important parts of your marketing strategy is called customer engagement or lead nurturing. And unlike other aspects of your marketing, this one never ends, and as long as you have a product or service to offer, you must engage your customers.

The word “engagement” may be an overused term among marketing experts. Many work towards engaging audiences with different types of marketing techniques, but really, it’s not as easy as one thinks it is. No marketing tactic is better and more effective than the other, it’s always a matter of trial and error.

With today’s digital trend, marketing experts both gain advantages and disadvantages. 2.56 billion global mobile social media users, equaling 34% penetration; globally with 1 million new active mobile social users added every day. If there are so many social media users, there is a bigger pool of audience that any business can attract.

This can be a disadvantage as well because new companies are also emerging. Competitors are also proportionately increasing.

You may regularly be posting in your business website as well as different social media platforms, but are you gaining enough traffic and engagement? Your ad may have thousands of views and likes, but are you acquiring new customers? We can help you answer these questions among many others if you let us.

Working with iConcept Contact Solutions

We can sit all day and talk about the benefits that we can offer to your business, but the one thing that stays true is that we know how this works. With years of exceptional experience and background on startups, our company is young, and have so much to offer. We are the right partner to work with because we have proven to be bearers of excellence at just an early stage in the business industry, and we want to work with you because we want to pay this knowledge and experience forward.

We can help you find your voice

Finding one’s voice is one of the everyday struggles for business marketers because there is an impression that all possible, engaging voices may have been used and taken already. This will not be the case when you start working with us. We will make sure that your brand stands out and has its unique voice.

Incentives is for engagement

It has been proven time and time again that one has to make a few sacrifices now and then to gain results. In our experience in working for marketing, we understand that to engage different audiences, we have to give them a tangible reason to avail of what we offer. Incentive ideas can be a headache, considering the amount you have to spend, but the thing is, it doesn’t have to be. We can help you stay creative and at the same time, work around a reasonable proposal to further gain engagement.

We are social media geeks

As your potential business partner, we don’t want you to be left behind. We can assertively claim that our team is trained enough to know the ins and outs of digital and social media marketing. You can count on them because they pay an extra amount of attention to details and are continuously attentive regarding digital trends.

We empathize

As much as possible, we want to help you maintain the brand that you wish for your business, at the same time, stay human. There is nothing better than being able to empathize with your targeted customers since customer understanding is a big factor in any business. We can help you come up with ways to elevate further your business’ humanistic side through non-intimidating content.

Lead Generation & Nurturing

While lead generation involves the process of attracting and stimulating the interest of potential customers in a service or product, lead nurturing ensures the cultivation of the already captured leads into paying customers.

In today’s technology-based world, most businesses have consciously adjusted to the demands of the market. With the rise of the internet and other digital means, almost anything is easily accessible.

Purchases can be made in just a few clicks, product information is readily presented, and even transactions can be done in less than a minute. There are multiple options for every customer, without having to leave their homes, and the question here is, how do businesses compete with such progressive turn?

The common concern is that salespeople are slowly becoming irrelevant because they are competing with the convenience of the digital age. Potential customers are veering away from the traditional process, and no one can really blame them for this choice.

Lead Generation is one of the most popular business sales practices, as well as the most challenging, in fact, according to Hubspot’s 2018 Marketing Statistics, 63% of businesses agree that generating traffic and leads is their top challenge. The main advantage that a sales rep has is the so-called “lead” which is a small percentage of anyone who has shown interest to a particular company’s product.

They are potential customers that a company has not associated with, but may have given a reason to think that they may want to, probably because of a survey they answered online, an event they attended, or perhaps an item that they bought that may be related to the company’s services.

In the current times, almost everyone & everything are connected with technology. Therefore, these leads must be taken into careful consideration to have a successful sale.

It’s true that the natural processes of sales are slowly decaying, but this doesn’t mean that it’s completely gone.

At iConcept Contact Solutions, we value both the old and the new— we can establish your brand in the digital world through different marketing strategies, at the same time, we can incorporate traditional marketing processes to maximize different types of strategy, and turn them into one robust tool for your business.

Have an access to pure talent

We want nothing but the best for your business. Therefore, we make it to the point that we regularly educate our expert workers not only to be excellent at their respective fields but also to be team players. We can offer you exceptional talent from our pool, but we also make sure to listen to what you have to say so that we can provide the kind of solution fit for your business.

We are always present with ideas

24/7 customer service is a standard. Many outsourcing companies offer this to businesses. Something new that we can provide to you is that we never stop thinking, and we never run out of ideas. When it comes to producing an increase in sales, new ideas should keep growing, so we are not left behind.

Quality and quantity assured

Most businesses reach out to outsourcing companies in hopes of having cheaper options to generate sales. There are cases wherein you avail the cheaper option, and you get a mediocre result. At iConcept Contact Solutions, we can give you a reasonable option with excellent results.

Let’s think together

Always remember that you have full control when you work with us. Think of us as a strategic partner that you can rely on who will help you deal with your business problems. When you work with us, we are more than willing to give our solutions, but at the end of the day, you get to decide which is best for your business. We are just here to help and guide you in reaching your goal.

We are not satisfied with “enough”, we want “more.”

Reaching target quotas does not stop us from doing more. Doing more than what is expected is already second nature to our company, and we want to share this disposition to you. Let us learn from each other as we generate positive results for your business.

Appointment Setting

Appointment setting service involves identifying prospects and setting an appointment with them where the sales professional can personally meet and discuss matters about business with them. Many companies are investing a vast sum of money in appointment setting as it can provide unmatched benefits in the process of converting leads to customers.

All businesses have their respective teams, and if there is one staple group, it is the marketing and sales department. In a gist, they give life to the company because they are in charge of generating income. Every marketing and sales department member is expected to have an enthusiastic disposition since their job calls for dealing with different types of people.

Under the branch of marketing and sales is another group which is the Appointment Setting team. It is often considered to be in the same line of work as marketing and sales. However, this position is more specialized.

Appointment Setting is the process of contacting leads over a phone call, email, messenger, etc. Members of the sales team are expected to identify the most probable customers in the list of leads assigned to them, and nurture those that are qualified and ready for a sales call.

There is a big deal of pressure on the end of the appointment setter because he/she is only given a few minutes to deal with the level of the customer’s preferences, mood, and willingness to avail a service or product. This is why outsourcing companies make sure that their appointment setting teams get the best training that they can possibly get.

A lot of businesses have adopted appointment setters in their companies because they have discovered that generating more sales demands a specific sales technique that goes beyond the job description of a company’s marketing and sales team.

At iConcept Contact Solutions, our pool of appointment setters are growing large in number and are getting more competent. We provide exceptional and hands-on training not only to our new trainees but also to our regularized and tenured employees.

Let’s discuss what’s right for you

First and foremost, we want to know you. Every business has its own set of goals, and we want you to receive the best and the right solution that we can offer to your company. We understand that it is vital for both of us to meet at a common point so that we can agree to critical business decisions.

We know how to listen

People who work in sales are often stereotyped as aggressive because of their intense need to reach their sales quotas. Trust us when we say that we continually study and analyze your sales process, at the same time, adjust to the demands of the present market.

We value the image of your company

When you work with us, we are aware of the responsibilities and repercussions of representing your company. Our agents are well-trained enough to adjust to the branding of your choice, and we want to make sure that we get your message across to your potential customers.

We can work with different kinds of people

Appointment setting usually works around leads, but just because you have leads, doesn’t mean you have a high chance of getting a sale. According to many statistics posted by business-related websites, outbound sales calls is still one of the most challenging sales technique done by most companies. With the present digital age, information is readily accessible, and no one is genuinely interested in listening to calls anymore. At iConcept Contact Solutions, we make sure that your business is not left behind by the trends of today.

We have mastered the art of Appointment Setting

iConcept Contact Solutions began as a startup, and one of our primary accounts handle appointment setting. In our three years of experience in the BPO industry, we can confidently say that we have consistent and excellent performance in this area. We never lost our clients assigned under our appointment setting outsourcing program, and up until this day, our relationship with them is stronger than ever.

Cross-Selling And Upselling

ICCS provides cross selling and upselling services in order to retain and re-sell to existing customers, a new line of products and services. Upselling is the practice of encouraging customers to purchase a comparable higher-end product than the one in question, while cross-selling invites customers to buy related or complementary items.

Perhaps you’re ordering your regular in a coffee shop, ready to make your purchase, and the cashier asks you if you would like to upgrade your drink to a bigger size since their price difference is very little.

You think about it, find it reasonable, so you do upgrade your drink to the bigger size. Next thing you know, you are being offered a carrot cake and says that it’s greatly paired with the drink of your choice. This stirs your curiosity, so you avail of the carrot cake—what just happened is an example of Upselling and Cross Selling.

These two techniques may seem similar, but it is essential to know their major difference. Upselling is when you encourage a customer to avail a more expensive product that is not necessarily far from what you initially wish to purchase – it’s just better. On another note, cross-selling is when one attempts to invite a customer to add another purchase on top of his/her original purchase to complement it.

Looking at these two sales techniques at a surface level, they may seem doable and easy, but we know that this is not necessarily the case when you are dealing with a customer on the other end of the line. Not all transactions happen in person, especially in today’s digital age where purchasing a product or service is quickly done in just a few clicks.

Cross Selling and Upselling have been proven to have added an extra 10% revenue to business sales. Just imagine the additional amount of revenue possible if it is done more effectively.

We at iConcept Contact Solutions pay our full attention to marketing trends to achieve our clients’ requests, as well as to avoid falling behind the demands of the present times. You can count on us for your sales and marketing needs because as your potential business partner, we make sure that you won’t be left behind.

Traditional and modern sales methods combined

We give importance to business roots, but we also acknowledge new trends. At iConcept Contact Solutions, we can guarantee you that we maximize both methods to their fullest potential, so your customers can experience the best of both worlds.

Customer-oriented service

When it comes to sales, we make sure that we don’t get too preoccupied with closing a deal with a customer. Instead, we listen to what the customer wants and needs, and start working from there. Putting the customer first is our main priority. The rest can come later.

We know what’s effective

It’s natural for sales reps to be obsessed with making a sale. We know this, we’ve been here. But with our generous amount of experience, we also know that this does not always work. Customer frustration will still come up if sales are being forced upon them. At iConcept Contact Solutions, we innovate ways and regularly spice them up to secure effectivity.

We build relationships

Exchanges with our customers do not stop at the end of the call. We analyze each customer and study the pattern of their needs and make sure that they hear back from us, given the proper timing. We want not only sales for your business, but also the customer loyalty you deserve.

Smart recommendations

Every customer is unique in their own way. Therefore they do have their product and services preferences. As a company that has worked with a diverse demographic, it is easy for us to adjust to every customer preferences. We also make sure that we continually gain knowledge, so we do not run out of ideas and opportunities to share with potential customers.

Customer Surveys

Marketing surveys help you understand your target audience's needs and wants, allowing you to make informed decisions about your business.

Customer feedback is an essential element in improving business. There is nothing more effective than hearing straight from your customers because they are the ones who have firsthand experience with your products and services.

These surveys have also served as a platform for customers to voice out their opinions, however negative or positive they may be. According to statistics, the average business hears from 4% of its dissatisfied customers. While for every customer who complains to a business, 26 other customers don’t voice their feelings.

The surveys can be in the form of mini quizzes, face-to-face interview, email, or phone. You’ve probably encountered one while eating at a restaurant, and the waiter suddenly asks you to fill out a short form for them. As you can see, it’s a common business tactic, but at the end of the day, the question here is, what makes a useful customer survey that can generate data essential for the improvement of your business?

The questionnaire of the surveys should be well thought of so it can be of use to the benefit of your business. It’s unfortunate that a lot of companies overlook the creation process of customer surveys due to the many preoccupations that they have to attend to that is why, at iConcept Contact Solutions, we are more than willing to lend a hand to help you gather necessary feedback from your customers.

We gather the right people

Do you truly know who your customers are? Do you know how frequent they avail of your products and services? If these questions sound all tedious to you, we are well equipped to accommodate you. Our team can study your company’s demographic using the right tools so we can get the correct data.

We ask the right questions

We make sure that every question that we will be putting on your surveys serves its purpose. Every question takes time to answer, so it is essential to keep it short and simple. Is it necessary to have the customer put his/her name? How about his/her age? If we ask such questions, does it contribute anything to the company? Or would it be better to come up with a straightforward survey instead? We know the different types of questions a business can ask from its customers, and we know how to utilize them for you.

We explore different survey formats

There are many different ways to conduct surveys, and we can help you choose what’s right for you. These days mobile devices, emails, and messengers are being used because of the rise of the digital age. When you work with us, we will execute all possible formats that are fit for your business, and not just be stuck in one format.

You can trust us with your data

If you let us conduct customer surveys for your company, you are giving us access to sensitive information that involves your business. It is not only our job to provide you with an in-depth analysis of the data we gathered, but also, we are responsible for the information that we will be getting from this activity. Trust that whatever customer feedback comes to us, will be well kept secure.

We respect other people’s time

At iConcept Contact Solutions, we understand that asking for the feedback of customers is not the most pleasant idea to them. The pattern we have observed is that most customers will only voice out their opinion if something distresses them. That is why we came up with a bonus system wherein we make sure that we give something in return to the customers we ask feedback for, so they know that we also value their time and effort.

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