Understanding Your Travel-Industry Leads – 5 Tips for Turning Prospects into Clients

In the not so distant past, setting up presentations and closing deals happened during courtesy visits, over coffee, or over golf, and were sealed with a “handshake” or a simple contract. Nowadays, even getting your foot in the door is a whole new ordeal in and of itself. To develop your business, you must accept that appointment setting is a critical and challenging part of the sales process, and, most of the time, it becomes an inefficient, almost robotic chore. We cannot let this happen if we want to grow.

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Timeshare: 3 Effective Strategies to Drive More Sales to your Business

Due to sales tactics used in the past and pervasive in the industry for years, people have developed a bad taste in general to timeshares and hard-selling Timeshare agents or brokers. Timeshare vacation plans have unfortunately gained a bad reputation among the populace. But let’s take a look back on how the industry evolved, and better yet, how one can thrive in this industry.

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Good Customer Service: Creating the Right Mix for Your Business

The internet is flooded with thousands of articles on the definition of good customer service. A simple search on Google for “good customer service” shows 304 million results! That alone would lead most people to assume two things:

1.) A lot of people or businesses seem to have a good grasp on it (due to the number) and;

2.) It is very easy to learn and apply, given the load of How To’s that are available right at your fingertips.

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Good Customer Service: The Top 5 Reasons Why It’s Your Most Important Metric

A business won’t survive without clients, period. And nowadays, any business environment is highly competitive, and to survive, you are driven by the constant need to offer more. There is also the struggle to get and KEEP clients, and knowing how to meet expenses that are rising, etc. If you want to be a dynamic business, you have to be willing to adapt and overcome the different market challenges thrown your way. If you can, you will thrive! But for most businesses, who don’t really have the right mix of resources to keep up with the required changes, survival is an issue. Your solution – good customer service!

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Seat Leasing: The Details Matter, 10 Things To Consider

When you are choosing a seat lease call center for your company you have to be very careful.
The details matter a lot when getting a seat leasing service.

Take the sentence u201cLetu2019s eat, grandpa!u201d That is a very different sentence without the comma – u201cLetu2019s eat grandpa!u201d Somehow the first sentence seems a lot healthier, fun and sane.

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Customer Satisfaction, Your Call Center, Metrics and KPIs

People are not a number! Is your current center losing sight of the real meaning of customer service?

There are so many call centers to choose from in 2016. They range from the good to the bad and the ugly, and everything in between. Choosing a Customer Service Call Center can be a quagmire to say the least. But it doesn’t have to be. Some of the larger call centers do a good job.

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Customer Service: The Competitive Advantage For Your Business

customer service competitive advantage

“Everything starts with the CUSTOMER.” – June Martin

Customer service is becoming more and more important to businesses, as competition increases and customers become increasingly tech-savvy. There are more ways now than ever to improve the customer experience, and companies need to stay abreast of trends in customer support and service.

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